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Solar charging unit (SCU) converts solar energy into electricity. Generated current can be used to charge various devices both by means of direct connection to a charger and through accumulation of this energy in an intermediate battery in order to charge devices in a more convenient time (at night).
Devices can be charged at any voltage from 5V and up to 220V of alternating current, including all the standards.

Our company manufactures charging units in the following two main versions:
Frame-based - this version contains aluminum frame and tempered glass on the working surface, is very durable, impact-resistant, completely hermetic, but it is bigger and heavier in comparison with portable ones;
- in this version carbon fiber composite is used instead of glass and fabric case with stiffening plate -  instead of frame; these charging units have less weight and when folded occupy much less space than the frame-type ones, but require more careful handling in terms of mechanical resistance.
FOLDABLE solar charging units
FRAME-BASED solar charging units
Solar systems based on solar charging units