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Standard solar modules for power plants and other large-scale facilities Print E-mail

PJSC "Kvazar" photovoltaic modules satisfy European quality standards, that allows us to guarantee our clients a high level of solar electric energy generation within over 25 years.

In order to manufacture such kind of modules Kvazar company uses high-efficiency photovoltaic cells made of monocrystalline and multicrystalline silicon of own certified production.

A complex system of checkouts and testing, as well as solar modules sorting according to the “plus sorting” principle of output assures the customers confidence in our products for more than 6 years.

img_00.jpg  KV 170-195/24 M  KV 220-265M  KV 210-240Р
img_03.jpg img_02.jpg img_01.jpg
 - Rated output (W)  170-195  220-265  210-240
 - Specific rated output (W/m²)  133-153  133-160   
 - Sorting limits (W)  -0 +5  -0 +5  -0 +5   
 - Number of cells  72  60  60
 - Cell size, mm  125Х125 (mono)  156Х156 (mono)  156Х156 (multi)
 - Module size, mm  1585 х 805 х 40  1665 х 997 х 50  1665 х 997 х 50
img_04.jpg  Datasheet (PDF)  Datasheet (PDF) Datasheet (PDF) 
Particular and advantages
  • High-quality own-produced silicon
  • Reinforced anodized aluminum profile
  • Protected tempered glass with thickness of 4 mm
  • Component parts from the European Union and the United States 
  • Sorting in accordance to the “plus sorting” principle of output (-0/+5 W)
  • A-class tester
  • Tests by means of electro-luminescence method
  • Quality assurance for up to 10 years

A wide range of modules in various output classes manufactured by PJSC "Kvazar" will give the consumers an opportunity to use them effectively in solar systems and under different climate conditions in order to gain maximum energy generation for optimal expenditures.
Cordoba, Spain
The province of Brittany, France 
Zmeiniy island, Ukraine 

Quality standards

Solar modules manufactured by PJSC "Kvazar" are certified and comply with European standards of quality and electrical safety: IEC 61215, IEC 61730-1, IEC 61730-2, that is confirmed by VDE (Germany) certification center № 40027689.

Quality management system of the modules production meets the requirements of European standard ISO 9001-2008 and is validated by the recognized certification centers Bureau Veritas and TUF Rheinland.

Detailed information about the products certification you can find here.