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The sun will help you on the road

There has been a lot of talk lately about solar energy. Butthe first rising tide of interest to this topic quickly went down after a great amount of “Chinese crafts” appeared at the market, because it turned out to be almost impossible or at least impractical to use these products.

Our task now is to explain the operational principles of solar charging units and ways of their application for various human needs when it is not possible to use traditional sources of energy like socket in the wall ...

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«Ohota» in Miakinino

Finally the two capital hunting and fishing exhibitions were held on different dates. Relatively recently it was very in convenient for visitors to torn between the All-Russian Exhibition Centre and Crocus-Expo. The situation was even worse for the participants, who were forced to choose only one exhibition to take part in, because participation in both shows was just impossible...

Hardly surprising, that the exhibition stand of the Ukrainian company PJSC "Kvazar", giving an opportunity to get acquainted with the light weight compact photovoltaic solar modules, arose general interest. In addition to this the visitors could also buy such an almost pocket-size power station and then connect their mobile phone or AA/AAA battery charger to its USB slot...

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From mountain trails to deserts
Any one who has ever walked away from civilization for a few days knows how quickly the issue dealing with the lack of electricity will arise. The modern information environment establishes its own rules. Several years ago the charge was necessary only for a head flashlight, but now it is also required for camera accumulators, OP8-navigators and batteries for both portable satellite and mobile phones. And all these devices consume an enormous amount often energy constantly asking for more. Of course, you can take a suitcase full of reserve batteries with you, but in cases when the weight of transported things matters much or severe temperature conditions run the battery charge down dramatically, this variant will not help. Climbing in the mountains, winter taiga or other places involving long-term isolation from energy sources require a different approach.

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