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Recommended configurations for systems that extend capabilities of 10W charging units Print E-mail
System components Additional features Retail price including VAT USD/UAH *** Remarks
zus10_01.jpg KV-10
Basic solar charging unit  (KV - ) with 10W output  (KV - 10 SM, TМ models). 
Direct charging of the devices charged from 5V voltage and current up to 1500 mA ; and the ones charged from 12 V and current up to 850 mА(SM)/ 1000 mА(TM); 90 USD / 720 UAH
KV - 10 SM  
80 USD / 640 UAH
KV - 10 ТM
Возможна зарядка промежуточных аккумуляторов для последующей зарядки любых приборов от напряжения 5 Вольт и током до 1,5 Ампера, 12 Вольт и током до 850 мА(SM)/ 1000 мА(TM).
zus10_02.jpg KV-10 + AGM, Gel-type accumulator 7Ah +  5 adapters for mobile phones.
Accumulation of energy for further use to charge 5 V and 12 V devices. Battery weight 2,4 kg. 115 USD / 920 UAH  Gel-type accumulators are the most economical variant, but their main weak point is low energy storage capacity per unit weight.
zus10_03.jpg KV-10 + Li-ion accumulator 4200 mАh, 5V
 Allows you to extend iPad operating time up to 10 hours, or increase conversation time on mobile phone by 4 times. Accumulator weight – 125g. 130 USD / 1040 UAH The most space-saving variant. Complete kit of adapters for various mobile phones comes with this accumulator as a set.
zus10_04.jpg KV-10 +Li-ion accumulator 8000 - 12000 mАh, 5V 
Allows charging of the devices with power supply of 5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 19 V.
Accumulator weight – 250g.
210 USD / 1680 UAH The most effective system, that gives an opportunity to preserve all the energy generated within a sunny day. The set can be completed with another accumulators and adapters.

 *** The prices can be changed at the discretion of the manufacturer only on Mondays. That means that the prices you see on the website on Tuesday morning will be valid at least until the next Monday.