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Renting of offices, warehouse space and production facilities, provision of utilities Print E-mail

arenda01.jpgWe are glad to offer you a perfect solution for any small and medium-sized enterprises that need offices, production facilities and warehouse space located in one and the same administrative and industrial complex.

You can become a neighbor of successfully working productions.

Manufacturing complex has several sources of energy and due to this can provide reliable and unique type of energy supply:

  • electric power supply – provided from 2 independent lines with a voltage of 10 kW and  switching time of 0.1 seconds;
  • water supply – provided from 4 artesian wells of Jurassic water-bearing horizon about 300 m deep and additionally we have a reserve input from municipal water system;
  • natural gas – provided through two pipelines with diameter of 150 mm each;
  • local waste water treatment plants;
  • liquefied and gaseous nitrogen;
  • liquefied and gaseous oxygen;
  • оdemineralized water (specific resistivity of 1 MOhm);
  • deionized water (specific resistivity of 20 MOhm);
 You can minimize your problems with transportation.

map.jpgDue to territorial remoteness from the city center, access to Severo-Syretskaya street is free of traffic jams even at rush hours.  At rush hours most of the cars move to the opposite side (in the morning – to the city center, in the evening – from the city center).

Severo-Syretskaya street connects Internacionalnaya square and Frunze street and has good traffic interchange of three different main roads (Pobedy Avenue, Melnikova street, esplanade of Dnepr river).  Nearby there are roads leading out of the city to Zhitomir and Gostomel, connection with circumferential road; good transport connections with Obolon district and the direct road to the left-bank part of the city through Moscovskiy bridge.

There are also public transport routes passing directly through Severo-Syretskaya street, namely: “Nivki” (metro station) - Kontraktovaya square;  “Nivki” (metro station) -  Shevchenko square, "Lva Tolstogo" (metro station) – Kureniovka district, Sevastopolskaya square - Kureniovka district.

Within 10 minutes by car you can get to two different metro stations - "Nivki" and "Syrets" (located on different lines of Kiev metropolitan). According to Kiev city development plan one of the stations of a new Vinogradar metropolitan line will be built very close to PJSC “Kvazar”.

Currently we can propose you offices (from 20 to 1 200 sq. m) and also production and storage facilities (from 50 to 4 000 sq. m). We promise that among suggested variants you will be able find the price and quality ratio that will meet your requirements.

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For further information, please, call us: (044) 205-34-61, (067) 402-55-91