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Silicon monocrystalline, multicrystalline, mono like wafers; round, pseudosquare, square from 4" х4" to 8" х 8" Print E-mail
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For photovoltaics
For microelectronics

We produce silicon wafers for the leading European and Japanese companies and have a long-term experience of partnership relations with these companies.

The secret of our longstanding success in this field is focusing on the maximum gratification of the requirements and expectations of all our Сustomers.

This strategy is base on the following principles:

Mutually beneficial partnership

We manufacture high quality products (wafers) with a high rate of material yield per 1 kg of silicon and the cost of services that is competitively attractive for our Customers. Continuous improvement of the price / (quality +% wafer yield) correlation is a reliable basis for a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

Maximal adjustment

Our products, production processes and technologies are adjusted to the requirements of each individual Customer and the peculiarities of their own technology where our wafers will be used. We always remember that in B2B sphere, unlike the consumer’s market, we make up a part of a single production chain together with our suppliers and customers. That’s why all our and their technologies and processes must be mutually adjusted and harmonized.

Providing of a long-term consistency of our products quality by means of:

  • utilization of production equipment from the best international manufacturers:
    - wire saw machines  form Applied Material (HCT Shaping Systems) Meyer & Burger;
    - Ultrazvuk wafer ultrasonic cleaning line;
    - Automatic system for contactless measurement of the wafers parameters manufactured by Hennecke (Germany);
    - Suspension regeneration system by CRS Castrol;
    - Laboratory of X-ray diffraction analysis by Crop-O'Chev;
  • maintaining of a reliable system of quality control and reproducibility in our company;
  • final inspection of 100% of our products by means of high-precision automatic equipment;
  • systematic analysis of all the issues relating to quality at all the levels;
  • careful selection of the world-class suppliers of raw materials and consumables.
Continuous development and commitment to excellence
  • systematic renewal of our industrial equipment fleet;
  • continuous analysis and improvement / optimization of applied technologies;
  • utilization of vast experience and knowledge of our design-engineering department and technological capabilities of Kvazar plant (as a former producer of microelectronics) in order to conduct scientific and engineering development and implement it in our production;
  • reduction of our services self-cost and prices due to increasing of the efficiency of production processes.
Expert knowledge and team spirit

We have gathered a friendly team of high-class experts that are capable of solving any of the most difficult tasks and dedicated to their work and their company. Professionalism of these people is approved not by words but by means of permanent competitive ability of our products at the world market for 20 years. Cadres are all-important! – it’s difficult to say better.


You can acquaint yourself with the products (silicon wafers) here.

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