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Subsidiary company "Kvazar-IC (IS)" affiliated to PJSC "Kvazar" specializes in manufacturing of a wide range of integrated circuits (IC) that are subsequently used in production of automotive electronics, household appliances, telephony, television equipment and other radioelectronic products.

The main branch in semiconductor production is operational amplifiers.

ICs produced by our company are used in a variety of equipment manufactured in CIS and abroad.




SC "Kvazar-IC (IS)" performs mass production of microcircuits series of acceptance: "1", "5", "9" (140, 521, 525, 544, 580, 740, 1016, 1021, 1051, 1101, 1131, 1146, 1401, 1408, 1435, 1810 series) in die form, in packs and plastic.

Catalogue with a brief description of the products can be found here

Current prices for mass-produced products can be found here

Using own designer's base, an also in collaboration with SPA "Crystal" (Kiev), we have developed and manufacture new products, mainly used in automobile construction (automotive electronics).

Catalogue with a brief description of new products and those under development can be found here

Production of semiconductor devices has been certified in Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Information about production certification you can find here