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Assembly of integrated circuits using customer-supplied dies Print E-mail

sim01.JPGPJSC “Kvazar” subsidiary company"Kvazar-IS" provides integrated circuits assembly services in the following range:

  • in DIP8…DIP40 packs – up to 600 000 pcs per month;
  • in SO8…SO20 packs - up to 100 000 pcs per month;
  • in "ТО-5", "Tank" packs - up to 100 000 pcs per month;
  • frameless packs -  up to 100 000 pcs per month (the wafer is cut into dies with welded Au / Al leads of 20-120 microns diameter, packed into a specialized container).

In addition to the above mentioned types we can provide assembly using the other packs (including the ones provided by the Customer).

We provide high quality assembly of the products.

Complementary to our own technologies and methods of quality improvement, the assembly of products in plastic is performed using only high quality imported materials having the product failure rate of less than 0.00001%:

  • copper  lead-frame (Korea);
  • gold wire (Germany);
  • epoxide compound (USA).

sim02.JPGIn addition to assembly we can provide the following services:

  • short and open circuit tests;
  • labeling;
  • tinning of leads;
  • packing into cardboard or plastic antistatic package.