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Services for development and production of semiconductor devices Print E-mail

sim03.JPGPJSC “Kvazar” subsidiary company"Kvazar-IS" offers services involving the production of dies for semiconductor components and their development (design):

  • wafer diameter  100-150 mm;
  • development of products with "5" acceptance;
  • bipolar technology (0,5-2,0 microns).

Development of the integrated circuit die pattern is performed taking into account the technology that will be applied during the process of these ICs manufacturing. We have experience in development of dies for almost all the production lines of CIS countries.

The main products being development are as follows:
  • operational amplifiers;
  • sensors;
  • power electronics;
  • car electronics.

To the attention of manufacturers of large-series printed circuit boards based on discrete elements:

We can provide you with services for the development of LSI (large-scale integrated circuit)that is able to functionally replace the produced circuit board or its part. In the future it will give an opportunity to significantly reduce the size and weight of the final product (unit), as well as expenditures for its manufacturing.

Catalogue with a brief description of the new products and products under development can be found here