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Back-up power supply systems based on solar modules for residential and industrial facilities Print E-mail

PJSC «Kvazar» offers back-up power supply systems based on solar modules. 

Back-up solar systems are used in cases when there is a connection to the central power grid or other sources of energy such as diesel generator, wind-powered generator, etc., but this connection is not able to provide stable power supply.

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In case of temporary cutout of electricity supply from the main source, back-up system will be able to provide continuous power supply for the main energy consumers in your facility.

Our specialists will provide all the necessary technical support in estimation of the required system on the basis of daily energy consumption of your electrical devices, and will also help you with selection of the system components, installation, connection and system startup. 

Standard system structure:
The system includes:

1. Solar module array.

2. Charge controller (controls accumulator charge/discharge).

3. Inverter.

4. Monitoring block.

5. Battery pack.

6. Load.

Advantages of the system:
  • environmental safety;
  • noiseless operation;
  • reliability and durability;
  • minimal requirements for maintenance;
  • modular approach to output extension;
  • controlling of one-phase or three-phase network with instantaneous (0.01 s) turn-on of the  back-up "solar" system.

Back-up power supply systems are widely used for both residential and industrial facilities.

Each electrical power system is unique, it is developed and designed strictly individually by qualified specialists of PJSC “Kvazar” because each system rated output depends on the output of energy consumers it was designated for.

In order to prepare technical design and commercial proposal for a back-up solar system we need to receive the following filled in QUESTIONNAIRE from you:

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