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able to charge 1280 AA batteries or 320 mobile phones*
Rated output
Transportation dimensions
Operating dimensions
Environmental temperature (for module)
operation under conditions of high humidity (IP68)   pict8.png
charging process control
ultimate mechanical protection  
overload protection of electrical circuit
 LCD indication of the system state   pict11.png
Mobile phones
Smartphones, MP3-players, iPod
AA, AAA and CR123R batteries
GPS, sonars
iPhone, Blackberry
SLR cameras
Video cameras
iPad, netbooks
Cooling boxes
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KV-160AM is a portable power station able to generate up to 1.6 kilowatt-hours of electricity within a day, covering all the needs of a small campground. The distinguishing feature of this charger is a combination of portability incident to the foldable units and high level of protection (against ultraviolet radiation, water and mechanical loads) typical for the frame-based units.

KV-160AM can easily provide charging of the majority of mobile phones, smartphones, MP3-players, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, AA, AAA and CR123R batteries (which can then be used to power GPS, sonars, flashlights, mini-cameras), SLR cameras, video cameras, tablets and netbooks even in cloudy weather.  

This portable power station is able to provide 24 hour work for cooling box and radio, connection of a laptop and, in addition, usage of light and TV set in the evening without any noise, smoke, dust, danger of fire, consumption of fuel and car engine resources.

The charge controller is designed using state-of-the-art digital technologies allowing the user to monitor the battery charge level (AGM12В with capacity from 80 to 150 Аh), charge current and other important parameters on a real-time basis. All this information in readable form is shown on a monochrome LCD-display.

Similar to the lower class models of solar chargers you can directly connect the controller with devices powered from 5.2 V and 5.8 V via USB slot and devices powered from 12 V – via car cigarette lighter slot. Maximum load current is 7 A in case of connecting through car cigarette lighter slot and 1.5 A - via USB.

Also the unit has electric circuit protection against short circuit and overload.

If you do not use any large electronic equipment outdoors and every extra gram of weight matters, we recommend you to pay attention to the solar chargers with less power output.

  * equivalent to power generated within a full sunny summer day under standard conditions (t=25 °C, irradiance 1000 W/m², light incidence angle 90°). 

You may find recommended configurations of solar charging systems and devices in corresponding section  "160 W systems ".