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Able to charge 200 AA batteries or 50 mobile phones within a day*
Rated output
Transportation dimensions
Operating dimensions
Environmental temperature (for module)
operation under conditions of high humidity (IP68)   pict8.png
charging process control
ultimate mechanical protection  
overload protection of electrical circuit
Direct charge of compatible devices   pict13.png
LED indication of the operation parameters  
Mobile phones
Smartphones, MP3-players, iPod
AA, AAA and CR123R batteries
GPS, sonars
IPhone, Blackberry
SLR cameras
Video cameras
iPad, netbooks
Cooling boxes
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Solar charger KV-25TM is an analog of KV-20SM charging unit, but having superior output and frame-based design. That is why KV-25TM is a perfect solution for those people who like to spend time outdoors together with their favorite gadgets, but have a limited budget. These unit will easily charge the majority of mobile phones, smartphones, MP3-players, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, AA, AAA, CR123R batteries (which can then be used to power GPS, sonars, flashlights, mini-cameras) even in cloudy weather. These charging units have enough output to be able to charge accumulators for SLR cameras, video cameras, tablets and netbooks. Charge of laptops also becomes possible using this KV-25TM charging unit.

The included into the set charge controller is designed to convert and control solar module output voltage (up to three nominal values – 5.2 V, 5.7 V (via USB) and 12 V (when charging via car cigarette lighter). The controller also provides an opportunity to of visual control of irradiance level and connection of an external energy storage unit (12 V AGM or Li-pol battery) with capacity up to 18 Ah. For each accumulator type we have developed individual charge characteristics that guarantee their durability and high-performance service life.

Maximum load current under condition of battery supply is 2.5 A (when charging via car cigarette lighter) and 1.5 A (when charging via USB). We have also protected the User against emergency conditions: after an accidental short circuit or controller output circuits overload, current flow will be stopped automatically and subsystems will remain undamaged.

Frame-based design provides ultimate resistance against water impact, mechanical loads and ultraviolet radiation. Due to all these features we can recommend the usage of KV-25TM for large groups of people involved in water tourism as well as for stationary installation in hunters lodges.

In case in a walking tour your electronic companion doesn’t require more energy than a mobile phone, we advise you to pay attention to solar charging units of KV-3.5 series.  But if you need significant amount of energy under bad light conditions it is better to switch to the description of the devices belonging to the higher output class (KV-40SМW and higher).

* equivalent to power generated within a full sunny summer day under standard conditions (t=25 °C, irradiance 1000 W/m², light incidence angle 90°). 


You may find recommended configurations of solar charging systems and devices in corresponding section  "20-25 W systems ".