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able to charge 80 AA batteries
or 20 mobile phones*
Rated output
Transportation dimensions
Operating dimensions
Environmental temperature (for module)
operation under conditions of high humidity   pict8.png
charging process control
weight, output and dimensions optimizations
overload protection of electrical circuit
operating parameters LED indication
USB connection
Mobile phones
Smartphones, MP3-players, iPod
AA, AAA and CR123R batteries
GPS, sonars
iPhone, Blackberry
SLR cameras
Video cameras
iPad, netbooks
Cooling boxes
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Solar charging unit of KV-10M series are somewhere in the middle of the miniature energy sources family. These devices may be very useful for a small touristic group and are unexpendable for naturalist photographers. Even in cloudy weather the units provide charging of the majority of mobile phones, smartphones, MP3-players, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry. AA, AAA, CR123R batteries (which can then be used to power GPS, sonars, flashights, mini-cameras) are charged via additional adapters. The capacity of these charging units is enough to charge the batteries for SLR cameras, video cameras, tablets and netbooks.

KV-10PM and KV-10TM have two common features: output electrical parameters and charge controller. Charge controller is designed to convert and control solar module output voltage (up to three nominal values – 5.2 V, 5.8 V (via USB) and 12 V (when charging via automobile cigarette lighter)). It also opens up new horizons for the User such as ability of visual control of illumination level and connection of an external energy storage unit (12 V AGM or Li-pol battery) with capacity up to 9000 mA. For each accumulator type we have developed  individual charge characteristics that guarantee their durability and high-performance service life.

Maximum load current under condition of battery supply is 2,5 A (when charging via automobile cigarette lighter) and 1.5 A (when charging via USB). We have also protected the User against emergency conditions: after an accidental short circuit or controller output circuits overload current flow will be stopped automatically and subsystems will remain undamaged.

Portability and light weight are distinctive features of KV-10PM charging unit.  It can be easily placed into a small children's backpack. KV-10PM unit is embedded into a case made of the wear-proof and moisture-resistant fabrics. However, foldable module has much weaker protection against shocks and moisture comparing to the frame-based one. And it doesn’t mean that it will be broken after falling on the rocks (in folded state) or will become worthless after being exposed to rain, but you will not get any pleasure performing step dancing on its surface or observing its operation under the waterfall.

If you do not use any massive electronic equipment outdoors and every extra gram of weight matters, we recommend you to pay attention to the solar charging units of KV-3.5 series. But in case you need a quick charge of your devices under bad lighting conditions than it is better to switch on the list of charging units of the higher output classes (KV-20 and others).

* equivalent to power generated within a full sunny summer day under standard conditions (t=25 °C, irradiance 1000 W/m², light incidence angle 90°). 

You may find recommended configurations of solar charging systems and devices in corresponding section "10 W systems".